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It is important for you to feel happy to work with the therapist of your choice, who will be there to listen how it is for you.

We will book an initial appointment where we will have a general discussion on the concerns you would like to bring to therapy. I encourage you to listen to your feelings and reflect upon how I can meet your needs. We can then discuss a therapy schedule which suits you.

In Core Process Psychotherapy the relationship between the therapist and the client is based on equality where as a therapist, I bring the skills needed for your exploration, and the encouragement when things get difficult. I believe that the journey towards clarity is a shared one, and I also believe that each individual is the only expert of their experience.

In my understanding, the state of balance and health is inherent, and as such, it is a state that we can return to. I see the therapeutic relationship as a journey, where my therapeutic presence is a reminder that you are not alone. Sometimes the opportunity to share your feelings with another and have your experience acknowledged, is all that is needed.

Core Process has its roots in Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice. This understanding is merged with the Western theory of psychotherapy, to bring a unique awareness of body, mind and spirit to the therapeutic relationship.

Copyright Vasiliki Pyrgidou 2021

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